Magnus the Reddish-Black

I present you today the biggest model I’ve ever finished painting, of which I’m very proud of, a conversion of Magnus the Red!


This has been a long and time-consuming project, but the base model is awesome and I enjoyed a lot converting and painting it, though it will be a while untill I dare paint something of this size again!

Even though I wasn’t too sure about him when I first saw his rules of 8th ed because of the Psychic nerf he has suffered, I can now assure you (after several test games) that he’s a beast capable of killing even the thoughest enemies in CC with an assistance of his enhanced Smite. Seriously, the other day I killed an Imperial Knight in turn one using him alone.

And now that he’s finished I will try to use him even more (to my opponents disgrace…), I really like using good looking models in my games, and I believe him to be the coolest I’ve ever painted.

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If you prefer to see him in a video (with a 360° rotatory look) I did a quick thing here.

Next I’ll be working on some Chaos Space Marines that I converted using AoS Chaos Warriors bodies, which you can see in my Instagrma account. I must be fast though, I have to finish them before the month ends as I vowed them for the August Arena in the Bolter and Chainsword forum!


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