Magnus the Reddish-Black

I present you today the biggest model I’ve ever finished painting, of which I’m very proud of, a conversion of Magnus the Red!


This has been a long and time-consuming project, but the base model is awesome and I enjoyed a lot converting and painting it, though it will be a while untill I dare paint something of this size again!

Even though I wasn’t too sure about him when I first saw his rules of 8th ed because of the Psychic nerf he has suffered, I can now assure you (after several test games) that he’s a beast capable of killing even the thoughest enemies in CC with an assistance of his enhanced Smite. Seriously, the other day I killed an Imperial Knight in turn one using him alone.

And now that he’s finished I will try to use him even more (to my opponents disgrace…), I really like using good looking models in my games, and I believe him to be the coolest I’ve ever painted.

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If you prefer to see him in a video (with a 360° rotatory look) I did a quick thing here.

Next I’ll be working on some Chaos Space Marines that I converted using AoS Chaos Warriors bodies, which you can see in my Instagrma account. I must be fast though, I have to finish them before the month ends as I vowed them for the August Arena in the Bolter and Chainsword forum!

5 thoughts on “Magnus the Reddish-Black

  1. Your work on this figure is astonishing ! I love the character but the original figure’s head is ugly and the pose a little weird. With this pose and the other changes you did on it (face, replacing the nipples horns,etc), the figure is nearly perfect !

    I’m less fond of the paint job. Do you have an Instagram account or something like this to show your other works ?


    1. Thanks a lot for the kind compliments, I do have an Instagram account which you can find at the lower part of this site or by searching for The_Grimdark_Harvest. The paint job isn’t as good as I think I could do it now, but I think it’s better to move on to new projects than keep repainting old ones.


  2. how much cutting/green stuff did you have to do to get this look? I just bought my magnus… havent put him together yet and i want to replicate some of the stuff you did. I notice his right arm is in a totally different pose… did you cut the arm are the wrist and elbow and slightly twist them? Then, his left arm, going up with fingers around the weapon… is that green stuff fingers… or did you kitbash from other models?

    much much MUCH thanks for any advice you can give. I think that work like you did here is the main reason why I play warhammer. I only get in like 2 games a month, but I spend hours on basing and posing figures… just to get that extra flair while its on display at my house.

    again, amazing work my guy!


    1. First of all, thanks for the kind words, it’s really appreciated. Second, I did quite a lot of greenstuff/cutting to get this look :P. The right arm was easier, as it just involved cutting the wrist and rotating the hand 90º and fiddling with the shoulder. The left one was a bit trickier since I was to completely redo the connection with the body. The fingers are from the actual model, but simply cut in little bits and put together in a different pose. I can’t believe I don’t have any pics of this model before painting it.

      And again, thanks, at this point I play a lot of games (like 3 a week), and yet the part I still like most of the hobby is converting and sculpting as much as I can. I do like the “extra flair” way to say it, hahaha!


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