Painting Service

The Grimdark Harvest Painting Service is managed from Madrid, Spain, and is designed to get your models assembled, converted and/or painted just as you want them.


To get in contact with me just fill out this form and add what you want to get done in the “Comment” section:


  • You will be updated at least once a week with WIP photos of your commission and it will not be sent to you until you say so.
  • You can order whatever you want as long as it’s hobby related, from models sculpted from scratch to simply getting a unit painted.
  • Half of the payment must be made before the work is started, appart from the cost of any material needed (which usually consists of models).



Up to four different tiers are offered to best suit your needs and expectations.

  • Tournament: Made to meet the minimum painting requirements some tournaments ask for, this tier offers economic prices while getting your army painted and includes base coating in at least three colors and shading, as well as basic bases.
  • Tabletop: The “standard” tier, it aims to get units or armies painted in a way they look great while playing, including base-coating, shading and highlighting, as well as freehands where appropriate and basic bases with ocasional details.

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  • Showcase: Intended for your favorite units or characters, Showcase tier offers good results both at distance and from close, and includes base-coating, blending lights, highlights, freehands and other techniques where necessary, such as OSL, as well as bases to fit the model with some detail on them.

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  • Artisan: the best way to get your favorite models painted to a striking level, in this tier I push myself to the limit to paint the model in the best way I can, so it includes whatever I think will give better results.

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Basic Infantry (space marines, orks, chaos warriors, skinks)

  • Tournament 4€

  • Tabletop 7€

  • Showcase 10€

Elite Infantry (Tempestus Scions, primaris, stormcast liberators, chaos chosen)

  • Tournament 4€ – 7€. Some models are Elite Infantry because of size (primaris) rather than amount of detail (tempestus), and those need to be priced higher than Basic Infantry even at tournament level because base coating takes more time. However, models that are Elite because of detail have the same price as  Basic because at tournament level detail is mostly omitted.

  • Tabletop 10€

  • Showcase 15€

  • Artisan 30€

Bulky (space marine bikers, Tyranid Warriors, Chaos Knights, Ogres)

  • Tournament 10€

  • Tabletop 15€

  • Showcase 20€

  • Artisan 40€

Large (Custodes Jetbikes, Talos Pain Engine, Stormcast Dracoths, Khorgorath)

  • Tournament 12.50€

  • Tabletop 17.50€

  • Showcase 25€

  • Artisan 50€

Tank or Moster (Rhino, Hammerhead, Giant, Bastiladon)

  • Tournament 20€

  • Tabletop 27.50€

  • Showcase 30€

  • Artisan 60€

Elite Tank or Monster  (Repulsor, Battlewagon, Treeman, Grundstock Gunhauler)

  • Tournament 25€

  • Tabletop 30€

  • Showcase 35€

  • Artisan 70€

Super Heavy (Imperial Knight, Baneblade, Nagash, Allarielle)

  • Tournament 50€

  • Tabletop 100€

  • Showcase 150€

  • Artisan 200€

Conversions: custom conversions can be asked for but, because of the unique nature of them, there are no set prices and each one is discussed before the commission is made.

Sculpts: sometimes you’ll have a unique idea to which no model will fit, in which case a full sculpt can be commissioned. Just as conversions, the prices for these are discussed individually to best adapt to what is asked.


Patron: those supporting me through my Patreon page in the “Become the reaper” tier get an stackable 10% discount on every commission!

Horde armies: usually players feel discouraged to commission armies with a larger model count because of how expensive they can be, and that’s why we offer the following discounts:

  • Pox Epidemic: If you order 30 poxwalkers at tournament level we offer a 50% discount, at only 60€ for the lot!

  • Daemon Host: For each 30 lesser daemons (plaguebeares, daemonettes, pink horrors, bloodletters) commissioned, you save 30€, which is more than a 30% discount for tournament level.

  • Undead Horde: order 30 chairasps, skeleton warriors or zombies and get a 50% discount at tournament level, or 25% at tabletop.

  • Savage Clan: if you get at least 30 Savage orruks commissioned at tournament level, you only pay 100€ for them.

  • Moonclan Cave Dwellers: for each 30 moonclan grots ordered, you get a 50% discount at tournament level, or a 25% at tabletop.

  • Blood Cults: commission 30 Daughters of Khaine witches at tournament level and only pay for 20, for a 80€ deal.

  • Alien Swarm: for each 30 hormagaunts, termagants or genestealers ordered at tournament level you get a 25% discount on them, or a 10% discount at tabletop level.

  • Green Tide: if you order 30 ork boys or grots you get a 25% discount on them at tournament level.

  • Ancient Phalanx: get a 50% discount if you order 30 necron warriors at tournament level, or a 30% at tabletop.

  • Iyanden’s Hope: for each 30 aeldari guardian defenders or assault guardians ordered at tabletop or tournament level we offer a 30€ discount.

Disclaimer: These only apply for the conventional paint schemes for these models, to know if a discount would apply to a custom paint scheme don’t doubt to contact me.

New releases: at The Grimdark Harvest we love to paint new models, as we believe it helps us improve by trying out new techniques. Because of it we offer a 10% discount on commissions for GW products that are on pre-order.

Full Sculpts: if you order a full sculpt and want to get it painted by me, I offer a 10% discount on painting models I’ve sculpted.

Competitive packs: it is known many tournament players get their armies commission-painted because they enjoy the gaming side of the hobby more, and that is totally fine, so we offer a series of special packs with a 10% discount made with this kind of players in mind, composed of the units that are working best in the competitive scene, and that we update regularly to keep up with the actual meta.

  • Custodes Dawneagle Lance: 1-3 Custodes Shield Captains in Dawneagle Jetbike, 0-3 Vertus Praetors.

  • The Loyal 32: 2 Company Commanders, 3 Infantry squads.

  • Smack Captains: 2-3 Space Marine Captains with Jet Pack, 0-3 Scouts.

  • Sydonian Knights: 3-9 Sydonian Dragoons, 1-0 Tech-Priest Engineseer/ Dominus.

  • Ynnari Core: Yvraine, 1-2 Shining Spears, 1-2 Dark Reapers, 0-2 Wave Serpents.

  • Wings of Khaine: 2-6 Crimson Hunters/ Crimson Hunter Exarchs/ Hemlock Wraithfighter.

  • Drukhari Incursion: 1-2 Archons, 3-6 Kabalite Warriors, 0-6 Venoms, 0-6 Raiders, 0-3 Ravagers.

  • Serpent’s Blood: 1-3 Skyweavers, 0-3 Troupes, 0-3 Starweavers.

  • Loota Bomb: 2 Lootas, 0-3 Grots, 0-1 Weirdboy.

  • Riptide Wing: 2-3 Riptides, 0-2 Drone units.

  • Competitive Bugs: 2-3 Hive Tyrants, 1-3 Hive Guard, 1-3 Genestealers

  • Rehati War Sect: 1 Magnus the Red, 2-3 Daemon Princes, 0-1 Ahriman

  • Plague Engines: 3-6 Foetid Plague Drones/ Plagueburst Crawler

  • Rising Cults: 3 Cultists, 0-1 Abbadon the Despoiler, 0-2 Obliterators

Note that, with the exception of the Patron discount, none of this offers stack.