Painting Service

The Grimdark Harvest Painting Service is managed from Madrid, Spain, and is designed to get your models assembled, converted and/or painted just as you want them.


  • I do not have set prices, each model is a whole different world and so theymust be treated differently, it is not the same painting a Gretchin than an Skitarii Ranger, even if they´re both infantry (and shipping costs are also to be taken into account).
  • You will be updated at least once a week with WIP photos of your commission and it will not be sent to you until you say so.
  • You can order whatever you want, from models sculpted from scratch to simply getting a unit painted.
  • If paying at a distance half of the payment must be made before the work is started, appart from the cost of any material needed (which usually consists of models).

To get in contact with me just fill out this form and add what you want to get done in the “Comment” section: