Finished CSM conversions

So, for all the time I’ve been doing my Harvesters of Souls, this is the first time I finish painting a squad of them! I guess I like building and sculpting more…


They’re fully magnetised (weapons, head, and a magnet on the backpack) so I’ll make options for them in the future to be Havocs, Chosen, Noise Marines, Plague Marines or even Rubricae! But right now I’m painting another six, to at least have a couple of units painted in this scheme.


Even though it is already old I still love the Chaos Warriors kit, it was one of the first thing I ever painted and I think they still look badass. Also, the CSM kit is even older I believe, and I already have enough to have some of the cool parts lying around.


The backpacks are all press molded copies of a design I made with four vents, I thought that a custom power armour should have custom back packs…


They involved some greenstuff work to modernise, but I like how they look, so I’ll be making my basic CSM out of them, at least the shooty ones.

I’m quite proud of how the unit has turned out, now I just need to get an army looking like this!


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