Kheradruakh conversion

Yes, you heard that right, I bring you today a piece from the past, Kheradruakh the Decapitator, the Mandrake King! When I was commissioned to convert a Mandrake to be a “squad leader” not only was I thrilled because GW Mandrakes are one of my favourite models ever, but because I saw a great opportunity to make a character who I always loved, and who saw a return in the II Gathering Storm book, in where he basically saved Commoragh.


I’m pretty happy with him overall except for the pose, I originally had him holding the sword with two hands, and another extended backwards, but the customer said she wanted him in this way, so I had to change it…  The worse part of being a commission sculptor in my opinion, not being able to choose how you do your work.

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IMG_1525I was inspired by the artwork from the last Dark Eldar Codex, and initially suggested to copy that pose, but the client wanted the chest to be accessible, as she is an exceptional painter and wants to do well the carvings he has. But I did try to make the face, sword and hair as in the art. I would have loved to make a skull base, but didn’t have the resources…

To sum up, I’m very glad to have been commissioned this, and like how the model has turned out, though I would have definitely chosen a different pose. Now I will return to work in my next project, a fully scratch-built Daemon Prince!



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