Death Guard Praetor

I usually don’t like doing secret santa gifts. You always end up wasting money on a gift the other will most likely almost never use and receive something you don’t even like. However, a secret warhammer santa is another deal.


So, when this year they decided to organize a secret santa in my local store with only miniatures allowed as a gift, I was naturally in. I was lucky and got a good friend of mine, and decided to make a Praetor for his 30k Death Guard army. Not only was this a great deal of fun, but I also learned a lot with this model and am pretty proud of the result.


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The model is based on GW’s Foul Blightspawn, with a good deal of sculpting and converting to make him look like he’s in Cataphractii Terminator Armour, as well as wielding the 30k Death Guard signature weapon, the badass looking Power Scythe.


One of the main challenges when heavily converting something is that the sculpted parts don’t look too plain and detail-empty when compared with the rest of the model, specially when working with a character as elaborate as this one. So, to avoid this, I went for a more busy paintjob in the parts I thought weren’t working that fine, such as the scythe.


Overall, it was an awesome thing to take part of, and hope I can repeat it next year!

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