Dark Angels primaris commission

I managed to finish this commission in three days (quite proud of myself, usually I’m more of a slow painter), it was very intensive and left me with little time to do other things, but as a payment I got ALL of the Death Guard from he Dark Imperium box, so hope to show those bits soon, obviously un-nurglyfied and turned to Malal! However for now I’ll leave you with this:

IMG_1775As you can see it is a small task-force of Dark Angel primaris marines, I was given the DI box, some DA bits, and a couple of photos of the customer’s army, but was left with complete freedom on how to do them. The only problem I had, the tight deadline, was my own fault, as I was going on vacation and had to finish them before, but it was an enriching experience and I’ve learned a couple of tricks. It had been years since I painted any loyalists!


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As basic as the Intercessors are, I like a lot how they ended up looking, the sergeant specially gives me that kind of mysterious vive that Dark Angels should have…


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The Inceptors were probably the most painful to paint, as they had a lot of empty space in which I wanted to sculpt and paint some freehands, but I had no time so I managed to contain myself.


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I got into some trouble over the Bolter and Chainsword forum for using the Emperor’s Champion sword on a Dark Angel Lieutenant, but the customer is happy and I like how it looks, so as a Chaos player I’ll simply enjoy that heresy.


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Again, I would have liked to spend A LOT more of time on the Gravis Captain, it is a model that I don’t really like and would have changed it as much as possible… But this will have to do I guess.


Also did a video, I kind of enjoyed the one I made for Magnus and felt that I needed to show this models with Metallica’s Unforgiven song in the background:


Overall I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, it was certainly a challenge and would have liked to work more on each of them (sculpt some robes and hoods, paint squad markings, maybe a backpack banner on the lieutenant, etc…) but as I said before, I’ve learned a lot of fast painting, and I’ve gotten a whole bunch of new goodies in exchange, both of which will come in very handy soon, as I’ll have to speed paint almost a whole army for an upcoming tournament!



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